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Details of all of the Rhinos training venues!


The Rhinos main training venue is the Ramsgate Sports Centre, High Street, Ramsgate. The times of the training sessions can be found in the "Age Groups" section of the site. The rhinos have been using the facility in Ramsgate since it started way back in 2002. Operators Thanet Leisure Force have been supporting Rhinos basketball since it began. The Ramsgate Sports Centre can be contacted on 01843 585111. Below is a map of how to get to our main training venue, the Ramsgate sports centre.


Outdoor 'ball in thanet.
Over the past few years, streetball in thanet has got HUGE! Ex rhinos players like Scott Todd, Luke Price, Darren Wiltshire and Sam Gilson have made the playgrounds thier own in thanet. In fact the whole summer ball thing is SO big, we have dedicated a little corner of our site just to it!
Where to play
grab your ball, those dirty old high tops and get down to these street courts near you.....
Ramsgate Swimming Pool
Newington road, Ramsgate.
Arguably the home of thanet streetball. The first outdoor court in thanet and still the one with the most game. On a good day you will be playing from sunrise to sunset with all the usual suspects showing thier faces to try and take the court from you. A must for any true baller!
Rhino Rating : * * * * *
Coleman Park
Coleman crescent, Ramsgate
A neat little half court situated in the middle of a huge field. best for those who need to work on thier jumpshot! Its possible to be undisturbed here for hours! still a nice court for some 1 on 1  or 2 on 2.
Rhino Rating : * * *
Melbourne Avenue courts
Melbourne Avenue, Ramsgate
Another little halfcourt in Ramsgate. Perfect for ballers who dont mind having thier game taken over by the local kids! Good for a general shoot around.
Rhino Rating : * * *
Memorial Park Courts
Near Station, Broadstairs
Go to school in broadstairs? Finished for the day? Got a ball and your sneaks? This playground is excellent for that last thing of the day run, with a decent crowd there in the summer. Not everyones favorite court, but nice and big and perfect for 5 on 5! Expect foreign students to give you a run during the summer.
Rhino Rating : * * * *
Hartsdown Park
Hartsdown leisure centre, Margate
Wonder where Richard "fluff" Heath-Hall honed his handle? Here! This court is strange and used by skaters as much as ballers thanks to its bowl like shape, but excellent game to be had here during the summer. A place to go and get better! Plenty of pick up games run during the summer from 1 on 1 to 5 on 5. And say hi to fluff when you see him!
Rhino Rating : * * * *
Other Areas
Bell Meadow Rec
Bridges Close, St Nicholas at Wade
Another one hoop wonder in the middle of good old St Nick. An oasis for ballers living on the outskirts. Definatley worth a look in the summer although this place changes like the weather with a full house one day and nobody there the next. Nice surroundings make a shoot around feel good!
Rhino Rating : * * *
Monkton Rec
Minster Road, Monkton
One goal here only, and a pretty lonely place to play. good for a quiet shoot around but dont expect to be waiting to play.
Rhino Rating : * *


Thanet Rhinos Basketball. Supported by Thanet Leisure Force.

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