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See the Rhinos in pictures over the years.

Used to play for the Rhinos? Thought we had forgotten about you? Guess what! Here in glorious technicolour are some photos and press clippings of rhinos players and squads of the past! From the good to the bad to the downright ugly they are all here! Coach Reed will continue to dig deep through "a load of old paperwork" to find more of these gems to show people how things really were back in the day! 




Some rhinos pics from training in 2002 with Scott Todd, Lewis Pettit and Nils Muhlenfeld and the first tournament in Canterbury that the rhinos competed in with Luke Price and Ryan Richards.


Kent Youth games 2003 with some gone (but not forgotten) players from the past such as Scott Grounds Moritz Muhlenfeld Adam mills and look! Coach Reed has hair!


The squad for the Kent CVL 03/04 final four in gillingham. The usual suspects here such as Sam Gilson, Carl Winbush and Darren Wiltshire. Missing from the squad that day were David Awasum and Osahon Okunbo.



The Youth Games 2004. Again some more old favorites with Jack "mount" Evaristo-Boyce and Dale Wells. And below the girls Emma Ellis, Gemma Hewitt, Justine newton, Charlotte McEvely, Storm Cotton and Emma Jones with Coach Em after thier First Kent Title win.

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