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Here are the details of all of the coaching staff here at thanet rhinos. Each coach has been trained and is qualified as a coach by the EBBA. For an inside look into how Head coach Nick Reed views the latest developments, read the coaches corner. And dont forget to check out the coaches philosophy for coach Reed's quote of the month!

Meet The Coaches


Head Coach Nick Reed
Proffesional Basketball Coach
Studying for EB Level 3 Advanced Coach Certificate
Head coach Kent u17 Girls squads
South east england regional u17girls title holder
Coach South East Region U14 Boys
Head coach East kent u16 national league team
Assistant with East Kent Crusaders mens EBL team
Youth games winner 2004, 2005 girls
The hardest working coach in the country!


Lead Assistant Chris Nicholas
EB level 1 Coach
Teacher at New Brompton School, Medway
Former Chichester University Player
Played In Herne Bay as a junior
Long Basketball History


Assistant Coach Darren Wiltshire
EB Level 1 Coach
Rhinos player since 2003
Captain of junior team 2004/05
Coach at Youth Games 2005


Assistant Coach Emerald Scannell
EB Level 1 Coach
Former Kent u17 player
Won South East Title in 2004
Coach at Kent Youth Games 2005

The Coaches philosophy.
Regularly updated by head coach Nick Reed, here is a phrase to take into your next game!
"Nobody who ever gave thier best effort regretted it!"
George Halas.

The Coaches Corner
Picture of Nick Reed
By Head Coach, Nick Reed.
I have to say, its been fun! It seems after 4 years, and god only knows how many thousands of hours of training sessions, tournaments, games and arguments, im moving on to pastures new! Yes, london is indeed calling, and at the end of the season, i will cease to be head coach of the club. I will however still have a role as club chairman, and i will still edit the website, but the days of me screaming and shouting on wednesdays and sundays will soon be gone! So my suitable replacement? who knows!!!! im taking applications at the moment for a new head coach and if anyone is interested in coaching with thanet, please drop me a line at the address below. Anyway, here is looking into the more imediate future and towards the youth games and the playoffs!
E Mail Coach Reed! at nick@thanetrhinos.com


Now tell the coaches what you think of them! E mail nick@thanetrhinos.com

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